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Zune Release Date Sept 16th '08

On Sept 16th of 2008 the Zune 120 is released along with Zune 16. New features include larger storage capacity, and new colors. A free firmware update will add support for Audible files, wireless song purchase, and tagging of FM songs for download.

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Zune 2 November 13th '07 Release Date

zune 2

Sept 18 2007 - We have some exciting news on the Zune 2 from our source inside of Microsoft. We can now endorse the image leaked by Gizmodo as a legitimate representation of the Zune 2 players. We have also verified that in addition to the pink, red, and black colors an "Army Jeep Green" color will also be available for the smaller flash Zunes. Although the Zunes in the leaked image appear glossy, they will actually have the same doubleshot surface as the original Zune. The navigation button has been replaced with a new "squircle" shaped button, which is a square with rounded edges. It will not have a separate center button as the original Zune does, but the functionality will be the same. The current launch date is scheduled for October, a few weeks after the Halo 3 launch. Based on our previous leaks, the memory sizes will be 4 GB, 8 GB, and 80 GB. We covered a lot of material in our latest tipster conversation, and have included the entire phone transcript for your reading pleasure.

Phone Transcript taken Sept 18 2007

ZuneScene: So how are the new Zunes coming?
Source: Good, the Zunes are now in PV
ZuneScene: What's PV?
Source: Product validation
ZuneScene: So do you expect to release in October or November?
Source: October
ZuneScene: Do you have a set release date?
Source: Right now we are gunning for Oct 16th
ZuneScene: What about the pictures leaked on the internet, are they real?
Source: what pictures?
ZuneScene: They show the flash Zune you call draco in pink, red, and black with no chrome  bezel around the LDC screen
Source: sounds right, do they show the squircle?
ZuneScene: What's that?
Source: The new button is like a square or polygon with rounded edges, it's not a  perfect circle
ZuneScene: Yes, the pictures show that.
Source: It doesn't have a center button, but it has a dome underneath so you can push it  from any side, its really cool.  If the pictures show the squircle they are correct.
ZuneScene: Are the back and play buttons positioned like Mickey Mouse ears?
Source: Yes, on the small Zune they are.  On the big one they are on the sides.
ZuneScene: Will there be green along with red, pink and black?  The picture doesn't show  green.
Source: Yes the green looks like an old army jeep green, the pink looks like pepto  bismol.
ZuneScene: What about the big zunes, the scorpios?
Source: Scorpio looks like the original, but with the squircle.
ZuneScene: iPod announced a 160gb model, will there be a 160?
Source: Right now we just have the 80, but more will come later I'm sure.  If you are  into video, you will want a Zune.  The displays are awesome on the new Zunes.
ZuneScene: Is the Zune phone next?
Source: I'm not sure about that.
ZuneScene: So there is no Zunephone?
Source: well, I didn't say that
ZuneScene: well, it's not in production?
Source: it's not in production.
ZuneScene: So there is no decision to make it?
Source: not yet, as far as I know.
ZuneScene: OK, well this is good stuff, thanks!
Source: sure, thanks for the call.


This page cites leaked info from a Zune insider regarding the Zune 2, and the November 13th Zune 2 release date.


















Zune 2 Launch info