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Zune 2 confirmed for October 16 release

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zunescene confirms zune 2 release

ZuneScene has confirmed that the leaked image of the Zune 2 are legitimate and is set for an October 16 release. The Zune 2 will be available in pink, red, and black, the smaller flash player will also come in an “Army Jeep Green” color. The image of the Zune in the picture does represent the actual Zune except for the glossy finish, the new Zune will continue to have the same outer coating as the original. The navigation button have the same functionality except with a new look, it will be a square with rounded off corners and will match the color of the rest of the Zune. The Zune 2 will be available in 4GB, 8GB and 80GB models, but unlike the iPod the 160GB model will not be available. The tipster that provided the information to ZuneScene also went on to say that “If you are into video, you will want a Zune. The displays are awesome on the new Zunes.”

I’ve always thought the Zune had potential it just never seems to catch on. At least we have one person that I am sure will be excited about the launch.

Read [ZuneScene]

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