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IM and Text more than call? Grab a new Sidekick 4 (LX) and Slide

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The new Sidekick has officially been launched, and will cost $199 with a two year contract. We have written about the speculation before but it looks like Motorola’s first attempt designing the Sidekick is set to be a success with the Sidekick Fanboys.

You still have a month to wait for the slimmer LX device, as it isn’t due until the 24th of October. The screen is apparently much better thanks to Sharp’s AQUOS LCD, and the 1.3 megapixel camera performs better thanks to improved optics.

Here are the press-like details:

T-Mobile Sidekick LX (Price $299 with a two-year contract): With a number of enhancements of its predecessors – requested by those that live, breath and love Sidekick – the Sidekick LX boasts a thin, clean profile design, a large WQVGA screen that incorporates high-definition Sharp Aquos LCD technology, a camera with flash, enhanced media capabilities and mood lights that light-up with definable alerts for various communication functions. Featuring the iconic swivel screen that differentiates a Sidekick from all other handsets, the Sidekick LX will come in a midnight blue or espresso brown finish.

T-Mobile Sidekick Slide (Price $199 with two-year contract): Maintaining the popular communication features that the Sidekick is known for – full-QWERTY keyboard, a variety of messaging options and a great Web browsing experience – the Sidekick Slide is redesigned with a new look and feel. Debuting a smaller form factor with a slide-up screen, this pocket-friendly Sidekick comes in a black with deep purple finish.

And possibly more interesting, look at how Sidekickers are using their devices:

T-Mobile Sidekick customers text more than they talk with more than 3,000 IMs and 600 text messages sent/received each month. The social networking use on the device also continues to take off. Today more than 80% of the webpage views on Sidekick are to MySpace. In line with this trend, we just announced a new MySpace application last week which will roll out to Sidekick customers during the next month.

Product Page [Sidekick] Via [CrunchGear]

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