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Pepper Spray Stunning Ring


Seriously, if I hadn't just blown all my self-defense budget on pearls and pants, I would be all over the Stunning Ring from Protect Yourself Direct. It shoots pepper spray! Slide off the safety, aim, and shoot! Blammo! (Well, more like bfffammmofffft.) If this doesn't make you feel like a supervillain I don't know what will! But it's totally for self-defense so you can even feel good about feeling like a supervillain! Available in silver or gold plate with a genu-ine onyx. $30 with one charge, and $8 per refill, which is so incredibly reasonable - provided the gadget actually works - that they should IPO now and we should all buy huge amounts of their stock. [Camille]

Stunning Ring from Protect Yourself Direct [via Gizmodo]

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