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Keep an eye on things with the RC Surveillance Cam

rc-surveillance-cam.jpgDo lots of people really want to set up their own home surveillance systems? Normal people, I mean, who don't live in expensive houses that could be robbed at any minute by a passing burglar.

The makers of the RC Surveillance Cam hope there's a market. Costing £119.95, it consists of a camera, and a handset which you use both to control the cam's pan'n'tilt, but also to watch the live streaming footage on a 2.5-inch screen, and listen through the speakers.

It's got an infra-red night vision mode, can be hooked up to a TV for big-screen spying, and if you're really paranoid ambitious, you can use one handset to flick between three separate cameras. The transmission range is 100 metres, and it's due on sale by the end of this month via the link below.

RC Surveillance Cam product page

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