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Dog-e-Tag For Four Legged Runaways

Dog-e-Tag (Image courtesy Dog-e-Tag) By Andrew Liszewski

If your dog always seems to be on the lookout for some way to escape your backyard then this high-tech version of the dog tag might bring you a little peace of mind if they ever succeed. It attaches to the dog’s collar like any other tag but it uses a 4 line LCD display and is actually capable of storing up to 40 lines of text or 400 characters worth of information.

So not only can you include your address and other contact info but you can also provide important information about the dog’s health or medical conditions like whether they suffer from a dangerous allergy. You can even include things your dog enjoys which could help rescuers relieve the animal’s stress until they’re returned home. The tag itself weighs less than an ounce and because you never know where your dog might end up it’s also shockproof and waterproof.

The Dog-e-Tag comes in a variety of colors and is available now for about $30-$40.

[ Dog-e-Tag ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

  • Anonymous

    What? no GPS??

  • Use your head

    This product is stupid. If you’re really worried about losing your pets, get them microchipped ( for not much more than this battery powered Chinese made tschotschke. Or get them tattooed. Every vet and animal shelter knows to look for those. They need never need batteries and still work if you pet slips its collar and runs off leaving its tags behind. If getting a new tag every time you move is such a big deal to you, get a waterproof pet tag tube (Amazon, eBay, Petsmart, Petco, etc.) in which you can put a slip of paper with anything you want on it. A finder is more likely to figure that out than some two-button LED gizmo that may or may not work when you really need it.