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$398 laptop @ Wal-Mart

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acer 3680In my mailbox today came “unbeatable prices” on what appears to the be the Acer Aspire 3680 14.1 widescreen laptop. At just $398 (and a minimum guarentee from Wal-Mart of 20 on hand per store), this laptop is perfect for the back to school rush they are pushing too far into my summer. But, a deal is a deal.

According to the flyer, this laptop features:

  • Intel Celeron M processor
  • 512-MB DDR2 system memory
  • 80 GB hard drive
  • DVD reading/CDR writing drive
  • Windows Vista Home Basic

The $398 price is not on the website, but the specs of the flyer match those of the Aspire 3680 model, but don’t hold me to it. The specs are not fantastic, but it is just $400. If it is the 3680, it has a 5 in one card reader and built in Wi-Fi.

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  1. I was lucky enough to get one at around 6pm today. Just happened to see the ad while shopping. It will meet all of the needs of my son who starts college this faLL. tHEY WERE BEHIND THE COUNTER WITH NO ADVERTISING – JUST THE AD IN THE FLYER-PROBABLY TO MY ADVANTAGE.

  2. This is a letter I sent to their customer service:

    I went to your store today in Mansfield TX. on Walnut Creek and HWY 287. You have an advertisement in the paper regarding a ACER Laptop for $398.00. The paper stated that the sale starts on Sunday, July 15, 2007. I wanted to purchase this item late tonight, after midnight, which would be on July 15, 2007. I was told that the sale of that laptop would not be available until 8am. Then I was pointed to signs that were copied and pasted to paper and printed out to that effect. Your ad (that was delivered to my house in my mailbox) did not state this anywhere!!!! Nor did the sales ad that was posted in your store state that!!! That's false advertising!!! It's like you wanted a long line and people fussing and fighting over them! I wanted to avoid that by being there early in the morning, which is also when I try to do my grocery shopping. Now, I won't get to get one because I can't be there at 8am Sunday morning…some people do go to church! My resolution is that everyone should be allowed to purchase this item starting on Sunday, July 15, 2007 at anytime that day, whether it is at 1am or 11pm. It is bad enough that there is a limit of one per person and only 20 in any particular store location. I really would like a call back on this matter. I have been a loyal shopper of Wal-Mart and Sam's Club for over 20 years!!!!
    Thank You.

  3. yea i am using the computer right now it is great for the basic things runs games okay and u cant beat it for 398 even tho i wait 8 hours to get it..


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