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Schroers & Schroers Uranus & Cosmos Glass LCD Or Plasma Stands

Schroers & Schroers Uranus & Cosmos Glass LCD Stands (Images courtesy Visionary AV Solutions Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Since LCD and plasma displays have become more common having one hanging on your wall is less likely to impress your friends when they come over. But I guarantee these all glass ‘floating’ stands are sure to impress anyone and everyone who stops by. While glass shelving and displays are nothing new the Uranus and Cosmos models made by Schroers & Schroers have no visible metal pieces and look like they’re ready to shatter at any moment under the weight of the display.

The Uranus model (on the left) is designed to hold an LCD or plasma display up to 38 inches in size or about 30 kilograms in weight. On the bottom is a rotary base that can actually be swiveled thanks to a series of hardened steel balls that roll along a milled groove. The Cosmos (on the right) is the larger of the two and can accommodate screens up to 60 inches in size and includes an integrated shelf for holding up to 4 AV components. While they look really cool in the product shots I can’t help but wonder if they’ll look as cool once you’ve got all the wiring hooked up between devices.

You can expect to pay just over $3,000 for the Uranus stand while the Cosmos is actually available in 2 sizes depending on the size of your screen and runs between $5,900 and $6,600. Personally I think I’ll stick with my IKEA stuff for the time being.

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