Red Zune hitting the streets soon


red-zune.jpgA watermelon red Zune is on the cards this June 10th, a full seven months after the red iPod was introduced to the world. Unfortunately, a new color just won’t push the Zune to hit a hundred million in sales, giving Microsoft no chance in this round to catch up with Apple. Other than the change in color, everything else about this red Zune remains the same hardware-wise, leaving little to the imagination.

Does anyone else think that this will do any better than the classic brown Zune? Is Microsoft trying to take a page out of Nintendo’s strategy of unveiling new colors for the DS Lite? Unfortunately, nobody seem to have told the software giant that the DS Lite is doing gangbusters while the Zune whimpers along, without even making an official debut in Europe this year.

Source: Crave

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