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Walkie Talkie Watch Upgrade

These new Walkie Talkie Watches cost more than others previously featured here on Shiny Shiny, but they have more features. Bless the Gadget Gods for: a fully working watch, eight channels, range of up to 3km, voice activation for hands free use, and a rechargeable battery. You may scoff at the idea of walkie talkies, but think of times you've not had a signal for your mobile and needed to reach someone in the vicinity. Might be a bit squawky in the Tate Britain, but some discreet walkie talkie use could save you much frustrated wandering. Besides the receiver watch has that quaint little nubbin antenna that American cell phones still have on them---it's so antique!

In fact, we love them so much, we've made them part of our Ultimate Festival Competition Prize.

£59.99 Product Page

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