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The Elektra Semi-Automatic SXC Chrome Espresso Machine: A Barista's dream come true

I think I almost fainted when I saw this for the first time. This, my friends, would be the Ferrari of espresso machines. Behold the Elektra Semi-Automatic SXC Chrome Espresso Machine from Williams-Sonoma. Isn't it grand? It has a 67.7oz brass water boiler and a powerful pump to create an experience that the former Barista in me could only describe as orgasmic. It has a hot-water level glass and pressure gauge to monitor boiling, and a steam spout that is easily controlled with the turn of a knob to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes. Despite being technologically superb, it is also gorgeous. Made completely of gleaming chrome, and topped with Elektra's signature eagle, this will the the perfect blend of tradition, technology, and elegance for your kitchen. Just think of all of the late night mochas and early morning cappuccinos you could make...

$1,999 from Williams-Sonoma

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