With the big boys like Apple, SanDisk and iriver putting so much TLC into this particular market segment of mini flash DAPs, it can be bit hard to even get noticed, much less succeed. All the same, Transcend manages to squeeze a little bit of innovative functionality into its new T.sonic 820 player to keep it from being relegated to the flash heap of history. There's not a whole lot interesting about the 12mm thickness (about twice as thick as the nano), or the 2GB (white) and 4GB (black) capacities, but the inclusion of a A-B track section repeat, along with track speed control makes this a boon to guitarist trying to learn a lead part without going nutso. Otherwise, the 1.5-inch 128 x 128 display, WMA-DRM10 support and recording capabilities are nice but par for the course, and 15 hours of battery is nothing special for a flash player anymore. No word on price or availability.

[Via MP3 Player Guide]