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The MP3-playing watch. In pink.

women_mp3_small.jpgI'm very specific in my tastes. Some might say 'interesting', if they were trying to be nice about it. I love pink and glitter and sparkles, but also go gaga over pinstripe, military (not camo!), and industrial styling. But what I really, really, really like is simplicity in accessories.

I want my watch to be a watch, and tell me the time. I want my MP3 player to play me music and store the occasional bit of data. I want my housekeys to open and lock my door. You get the picture. So while the prospect of a watch that is also an MP3 player fills me with horror - it may be pink, but the design is anything but simple - I know that I am probably alone. Again.

For those of you who want multi-function everything, and think pink whenever possible, the women's MP3 watch, available from Redsave for £69.99, may be just the ticket. It's not got a huge storage capacity, but it is a watch, so how much were you really expecting?

In terms of technical capabilities, the watch tells time, offers "more than" 12 hours of continuous play on a full charge (how much more? enquiring minds want to know!) from its rechargeable Hi Li-ion battery and has 128MB of built-in flash memory. It supports MP3 (MPEG1/2, Layer 3) and U Disk, is compatible with Windows 98/ME/NT/200/XP/Mac 8.6 or above, and comes with a four-pin USB round port and an earphone output, so everyone on the bus won't hate you. As long as you use it, that is.

For those of you reading this entry with a sense of deja vu, you're not wrong. We've They've been excited about this sort of gadget before. Some of them had lots of memory, a screen, and looked like something Dick Tracy would have worn. Some of them looked like a watch I might even wear. Some were designed with couples in mind. And this one was waterproof. Why?

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