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Clique HUE HD webcam

Sections: Accessories, Communications, Peripherals, VoIP

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huehdcam.pngThe HUE HD webcam from Clique is certainly funky, or as they like to say ” simple and vibrant”.

Underneath the facade though is a pretty solid looking 1.3 MPX sensor, a built in noise reduction microphone, a one touch capture button, and a very creative and flexible way of attaching it. It works with PC and Mac, although Mac users lose the YUY2 format, interpolation, special effects, face tracking and digital zoom features.

Normally $99.99 they are currently on offer for $79.99 which seems a good price for the features, if you are a PC user:

  • Supports audio recording
  • 16 types of special effects and 10 types of photo frames
  • Supports video recording
  • Up to 4 x digital zoom

Via [ Clique]

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