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Orla Kiely Summerberry Business Bag: work the sunny autumn with a summery laptop case


This elegant Orla Kiely Summerberry bag is beautifully and sensibly constructed, with a padded pocket for your laptop and space for peripherals, documents, your book for the Tube... whatever else you see fit to crowd your bag with. Security-wise, it doesn't really pull off the "Me? Laptop bag? I'm just a handbag!" look quite so well but then again I'm not sure it's supposed to.

I confess I'm a little disappointed by the blandness of the design, having come to expect amazing things from Ms. Kiely. It's also not a budget option as the price tag is a pretty hefty $368 (approx £185) considering there isn't anything particularly exceptional about it. Still, one woman's "meh" is another's dribbling. Enjoy.

[via Geeksugar]

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