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Laptop luggage for designer junkies from J'tote

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aoife.jpgThe market for laptop bags is most certainly a very crowded one, but J'tote might just succeed in elbowing their way in with their designer offerings. The bags, like the Aoife (pictured) have a definite designer luxury to them which I'd usually attribute to catwalk designers' handbags.

However, while their looks are stylish they are designed for comfort, which is paramount when you're lugging gadgetry around. The quality is undeniably evident with their soft leather and sturdy interiors. A very stylish way to dress your tech, if you're a girl who likes to dress to impress. The Aoife bag is priced at a fairly reasonable $100, check out their website to view this and more styles.

[via This Next]

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  • sally

    i can't wait to visit their site to see the others. what a great idea. we so badly needed something new to choose from.

  • Elle


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