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iRobot launches virtual visiting and gutter cleaning robots

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iRobot ConnectR Home Robot

iRobot has announced two new home robots, one that will allow for a virtual visit and the other to clean your gutters. The ConnectR robot (pictured above) has a top-mounted, full tilt-and-zoom video camera, speaker, microphone and headlight that will let people see, hear and interact with others, it can also connect to a wireless network and has VOIP-quality video and two way audio communications from remote locations. Now you will be able to check on things around the house, attend a meeting or hang out with friends or loved ones even when you are far away.

The iRobot Looj will not be nearly as much fun as you could have with the ConnectR but it should still prove to be very handy around the house. The Looj is a robot that is designed to clean your gutters. Just climb your ladder once to place the robot, the Looj will then clean the entire stretch. Just start it out and pick it up at the end without having to move the ladder every few feet to reach, clean and possibly fall. While the idea of a gutter cleaning robot is slightly funny, if you have ever had to clean home gutters than you will most likely agree that for less than $100 this could be money well spent.

The iRobot ConnectR will be available for just under $500, the iRobot Looj will be available for just under $100.

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  1. Thanks for bringing awareness to this invention. It's great that there's a robot that can clear debris and clutter from home gutters. This could certainly be helpful for any homeowner!

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