White Nexus 4 Alleged Press Images Leaked

In the months leading up to Google I/O 2013, we had heard many rumors about the Nexus 5, however that device failed to materialize. At the conference, however, the Nexus 4 in white was spotted quite a number of times. So much so that it is now widely believed that Google will soon be announcing this device soon. According to one particular rumor, the white Nexus 4 will be released on 10th of June alongside Android 4.3, which too was not talked about in the 3 hour keynote at I/O 2013 despite all previous rumors.

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White Galaxy S4 Mini Alleged Picture Posted Online

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini rumors started back in March, when the first purported image of this elusive smartphone was posted online. Samsung is yet to officially confirm the existence of this device, though the leaks have been plenty nonetheless, and it seems that the only thing left to know about it is when Samsung actually plans on announcing the Galaxy S4 mini. Even though the company hasn’t provided a release date yet, it has already been rumored once that Galaxy S4 mini release has been delayed. There have already been multiple alleged picture leaks, and now the white Galaxy S4 mini picture has popped up online as well.

This picture of the white Galaxy S4 mini was posted on Twitter by SamMobile. Frankly, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Samsung already offers many of its smartphones in multiple colors, even the latest flagship, the Galaxy S4. If anything, this purported image proves that this new smartphone will be available in white as well. The Galaxy S4 mini is rumored to be released on the 30th of May. The performance benchmarks have already leaked online, it is allegedly going to be powered by a 1.6GHz dualcore processor, at least 1GB of RAM, 4.3 inch Super AMOLED qHD display and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Google Glass OLED Displays Reportedly Coming From Samsung

According to a new report by The Korea Times, Samsung is the one providing OLED displays to Google for the consumer version of Google Glass. The internet search giant’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt has already said that the consumer version won’t be released until 2014. Right now Google Glass units are only in the hands, or rather on the faces of a select few called Explorers. One of the supply chain sources cited in this report claims that Google selecting Samsung as a supplier is a “very big thing” because it somehow means that “Google shares confidential information with Samsung on its future projects.”

Obviously Google isn’t the only one benefiting from this rumored deal. Shipping OLED displays for Glass would seriously boost Samsung’s own OLED business. The fact that Samsung did not even mention Google or Android at its Galaxy S4 event lead many to believe that the Korean manufacturer was inching away from Google. It is no secret that Samsung smartphones are some of the most sold Android devices on the planet. Even if there are tensions on the Android front, and if this report is anything to go by, then it would seem that Google hasn’t branded Samsung as it main rival yet. Things aren’t tense to the level on which Google will move its business away from Samsung, just like Apple is now doing.

Yahoo Buying A Share In Hulu [Rumor]

Back in March we reported a rumor about Yahoo being interested in buying a controlling share in Dailymotion. The deal was reportedly worth $300 million, which would get Yahoo a 75% stake in Dailymotion, with the option of a full acquisition. This rumored move was seen by many as a push on Yahoo’s part to become a player in the online video streaming niche, of which YouTube is the undisputed king. Soon after that, it was rumored that the French government was opposed to this deal and was the reason why it was called off.

However if this latest rumor is true, then Yahoo is certainly not going to rest until it bags a video streaming website. Bloomberg is reporting that Yahoo has submitted an offer for Hulu, which has already received offers from the likes of Time Warner Cable and DirecTV. The value of this offer is not known at this point in time, it is also not known whether Yahoo is bidding for a majority stake. The company has been on sort of an acquisition spree recently, only recently it acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Obviously acquiring a video streaming company alone won’t be enough to mount a challenge against YouTube, but at least it would be one step in the right direction.

iPad Mini And iPad 4 Refurbished Prices Slashed

A little over a month ago Apple introduced a substantial price cut for its iPad 2 and iPad 3 refurbished units. These units are only sold by the company through its official online refurbished store, they are not available in any brick and mortar Apple Retail Store. Apple has now slashed the prices of refurbished iPad mini and iPad 4 units, offering 15% and 16% discount, respectively.

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Microsoft, Google Working Together On Windows Phone YouTube App

Earlier this month, Google sent a cease and desist letter to Microsoft as they found their YouTube app violated its API and strips out the advertisement that are available in videos. Microsoft then replied to the cease and desist by saying they would need help from Google in order to be given access to the necessary APIs to include advertising in YouTube videos on Windows Phone. It looks like their response has gotten them somewhere as Google has announced both companies are working together on a new YouTube Windows Phone application.
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Brain Survery Live Broadcast Onto Social Media From UCLA

There are some moments in a person’s life that they feel inclined to share on social media, such as what they’re currently eating, wearing or listening to. But one thing I think we can all agree should stay behind closed doors is surgery, especially brain surgery and that’s exactly what UCLA Health Systems shared yesterday on not just one, but three separate social media sites.

Twitter, Vine and Instagram were used to live broadcast the implantation of a brain pacemaker, which took a total of six hours to complete. During that time, regular updates were posted on Twitter along with Vine videos and Instagram photos. Some of the updates featured the patient being awakened during the surgery to play a guitar in order to help fine tune the placement of the implant.

The purpose of the social media blitz was to help raise awareness and reduce fear about the procedure, which we’re sure many of us can’t fathom going through any kind of brain surgery sometime in our lives. In this case, the brain pacemaker is being used as a way to treat Parkinson’s disease as well as essential tremor. Since it’s for education purposes, we guess it’s ok for you to watch a surgery on social media.

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Logitech FabricSkin Review [iPad Keyboard Case]Back in April, we reported that Logitech had launched its FabricSkin, a keyboard case for iPad that looked amazingly well integrated and generally efficient. Now, we have our hands on it and after using it for a few days, we can report back from the trenches to let you know how it really feels to use it in the real world.
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iPhone Repair Costs Rising Due To More Expensive Components

If you’ve ever accidentally flung your iPhone at your significant other after you found them cheating on you with your cousin, you know how heartbreaking that experience can be if you happen to break your iPhone screen in the process. Currently, Apple charges $229 in order to repair the screen on an iPhone 5, which many would point out costs more than a subsidized iPhone 5. The Wall Street Journal took a at the rising price of repairing an iPhone 5′s screen, and what they found is the combination of more expensive components and low supply of those very components are the culprit for the rise in costs.

“The replacement components for the iPhone 5 are much more expensive than similar parts for prior models — so expensive in fact that many independent repair services cannot compete. “Due to the high cost of replacement parts, we are not yet offering iPhone 5 repairs,” according to a statement on ComputerOverhauls.com, an online repair shop. “Currently, the Apple Store is the least expensive option for repairing damaged iPhone 5s.” Other services charge as much as $250 for the repair.”

According to the article, the iPhone 5 is actually much easier to fix than previous iPhone models, which we find to be quite ironic considering it costs way more to get it fixed. Hopefully you learned that you need to take some serious care when walking around with your iPhone 5. If you suddenly become a jaded lover, we recommend you throw a pillow since they don’t hurt as much and if they break, getting a new one won’t cost you over $200.

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Xbox One May Feature Remote Play Over Skype [Rumor]

Have you heard enough about the Xbox One since its big reveal earlier this week? It seems the majority of news surrounding the next-generation console has been negative, but a new rumor may have outted a cool feature Microsoft hasn’t officially announced.

The rumor points to a feature that will make it possible to remotely play on the Xbox One through Skype. The feature would allow someone to remotely take over another person’s local console directly from within a Skype call, which can be broken by either player at any time during the call. As of now, the supposed feature is currently in its testing phases as sources note a number of details are still unsure, such as how long a remote play session can last for or if the other person controlling the local console would need to own the game or not.

Considering Sony announced its PlayStation 4 would feature the ability for players to take over someone else’s game if given the opportunity, this leads us to believe this was a last-minute feature Microsoft may have wanted to implement in its Xbox One after seeing it done by Sony. Either way, helping each other out through a tough level is something we’re sure many people would love to have as an option.

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