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Toshiba's FanFun 815T mobile phone - fancy and fun


Fancy + fun = "FanFun". Do you see what they did there? Well, the "fun" part remains to be seen, but Toshiba's FanFun 815T is certainly all kinds of fancy. In fact, to be specific, it's 12 different kinds of fancy, as you can choose from 12 different case colours, 300 panel colours (no, that's not a typo) and 30 different illumination schemes. Definitely not one for the indecisive, then. The ability to customise this phone is its big selling point and not a lot is known about the spec as yet. What we do know is that it measures 50x102x16mm, weighs 10 grammes and has a 2.4 inch clear screen liquid crystal display and embedded camera. Sounds totally "fanfun" to me. Available from 8th August.

Toshiba website | [via Gizmo Diva]

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