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BitLet – Torrent from anywhere, without a client

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In today’s world, where a computer is a media device start to finish, BitTorrent has become the foremost way to access all the content you could ever want. However, the whole deal of opening ports, seeding and leeching can be a daunting task for a casual computer user. Enter

The experimental service is a online twist on the more common desktop torrent clients. From the look of it, it’s extremely idiot proof; all you do is paste the torrent link into the text box and click “Download Torrent”. The online client is based on Sun Java, so you will need the most current version of that.

BitLet really hits home, both for basic users who want to torrent files, or for anyone else who wants to get a file without downloading a client on their work or school computers.

Read [BitLet] via [TorrentFreak]

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  1. Crazy that i just found out about this. What an awesome site. now i can download in my university.

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