Review: Tatermitts Potato Peeling Gloves— Spud Glove Love

Here at the Gadgetlab, we love taking bold claims to task. According to the Tatermitt website, these special pebble-studded spud gloves can make short work of peeling a potato. (8 seconds!) Unfortunately, the website and promotional videos conveniently neglect an important fact – you gotta boil those suckers first, which effectively ups the peeling time by 10-15 minutes. But misleading ad copy isn’t the Tatermitts only fault. After zipping through a dozen boiled potatoes, we noticed several tiny pebbles resting in the bottom of the sink with corresponding worn spots on the gloves. If durability weren’t an issue, we might recommend the Tatermitts for professional, high-volume environments. But with such flimsy construction, these half-baked gloves are one kitchen gadget best avoided.  —Roger Thomasson

WIRED Once boiled, the mitts make quick work of potatoes – 8 seconds isn’t an understatement.

TIRED Small hands might find the gloves slipping and sliding. After only one use we found little blue pebbles in our pile of potato scraps. Cleaning is a bitch, especially without a spray attachment. Getting out the tiny bits of skin and starch embedded amongst the pebbles was far too time consuming, and we still ended up with chalky tuber residue coating parts of the mitt.