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Marantz "Legendary Series" Hi-Fi system screams modesty and restraint. In gold.

marantz_legendary_system.JPGThree foot, 19 stone of gold, at that. This tottering stack of shiny elegance is Marantz in its element, cramming in the technology and the looks to earn itself a combined £16,000 price tag.

The individual elements are a SA-7S1 SACD Player, the SC-7S2 pre-amp, and a pair of MA-9S2 mono block amplifiers. Put together with addition of shielding plates and the like to protect from interference, this apparently means that the system is "capable of generating almost 5000W of instantaneous power at peak demands and allows even the faintest input signals from its Super Audio CD player to be conveyed with unerring accuracy, in amazingly fast response times and with absolute precision". Ahhh, the magic of pixies at work again.

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