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Introducing The Cooler Scoop… Sigh

Cooler Scoop (Image courtesy Taylor Gifts)
By Andrew Liszewski

Looking at the Cooler Scoop makes you realize that someone, somewhere decided that the ‘problem’ of your arm getting cold while reaching into a cooler full of ice to retrieve a can or bottle was a far more pressing issue than say solving world hunger or eliminating cancer.

But at least the makers of the Cooler Scoop went above and beyond when it comes to the device’s feature set because in addition to the self-draining design the scoop also features a bottle opener at the end of the handle. In fact I’ve heard rumors that version 2.0 could even introduce a handy backscratching feature that many feel was sorely missing from the current model. However there are still no plans to release a version that uses 3G.

So thankfully now that mankind can reach into a cooler full of ice without the slight discomfort of their arm getting cold for 2 seconds the inventor of the scoop can go back to perfecting their free energy machine or whatever other marvelous creations they have in mind.

The Cooler Scoop is available from Taylor Gifts for $14.98.

[ Cooler Scoop ]

  • Greg

    I have a tennis ball chucker for my dog that sort of looks like that. They need to play up this marketing aspect, that not only can you pull a can or bottle out of a cooler without freezing your hand, but you can also then fling said can or bottle a good 20 to 30 yards.

  • Kouroth

    Poor monkeys, afraid to get cold paws?

  • Cpt. Cranky

    I’ll wait for the USB version.

  • Rob

    Um, isn’t that what a wife is for ? :-)

    course my wife doesn’t have a bottle opener on her head.


  • pumpkin head

    actually when camping in the mountains and its 30 degrees out- you really want another beer and dread reaching down to the bottom… i can see the small yet riduculous idea behind it…

  • inventor

    Did anyone think that the last time someone picked their nose or scratched their privates or sneezed into their hands , may have reached into your ice chest and washed all the germs and dirt in the water to let everyone else drink their waste! Our first test from a family party , the water had fecal matter from the guys playing football on the park grass in the water and on all the drinks, also found human dead skin, bad bacteria, cold virus and other gross contamination in the water. Ever got sick at a BBQ and thought it was the food, think twice.