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How Sony & Swarovski improved the MP3 Walkman

Sections: Audio, Portable Audio

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Sony E010Sony and Japanese jeweler Abiste bring you the very latest in bling-ed up music players.

The Swarovski glass crystal covered Mp3 player is offered in 5 colors and 3 different storage options: 1, 2 and 4GB versions. It sports some niceties such as 3 line display, lanyard and a clip are included.

The nicest part however, is the 30 hour run time and an impressive 3 minute quick-charge mode that will give you a 3 hour play time, perfect for us forgetful folks. Of course, the data given is using ATRAC format, which few do, so actual results will vary.

Available for pre-order in Japan in September. Prices to range from $128 to $200 (vs. the non-bling-ed version at $92-$168).

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