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Philips SRU8010 Remote with “His & Hers” buttons

Sections: Accessories, Audio

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philips sru8100 remote

Philips has a new twist on the age old joke for who controls the remote control. The new SRU8010 actually has His and Hers buttons on the remote and not only are these included but they are easy to see and use being directly to the left and right of the power button. The remote features a 2 inch color display which will change based on what user has current control. The SRU 8010 will handle up to six users and give more than 100 favorites to each user. The favorites are displayed in channel logo form, so no more having to remember that station number. The SRU8010 is programmable for up to 10 other remotes and can be found for $79.00.

Philips may have taken a unique approach on who can control the remote, but they may have accidentally started more fighting than this will solve. Now instead of simply fighting over what channel you are watching (or flipping past) some may be fighting just for the sake of playing with and holding the remote.

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