Turns out last year's kinda-clunky Alto isn't where Logitech's laptop-propping agenda comes to a close: today the company is announcing two new stands, the $29 Alto Express, a one-piece clear plastic and rubber laptop stand reminiscent of the iCurve; and the $80 Alto Connect, a slightly more advanced x-shaped stand with a four port USB hub. (Both Altos are available this month, peep the Connect in the gallery below.) Also up: Logitech makes the jump from producing accessories to producing accessories to carry your accessories with its Kinetik bag line. Priced at $100, this September your 15 or 17-inch laptop can sit snugly in an "exo-shell" encased bag from the same people who would also love nothing more than to sell you enough high-margin peripherals to fill its every fold.

Logitech's Alto Express and Connect, Kinetik bag - show your laptop love

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