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My name is Leo Laporte. I am a US-based journalist specializing in technology coverage on radio, TV, and the Internet. This site is home to my blog and contains information about everything I publish, but I also have several other web sites you might be interested in.

LOL: The Life of Leo

Leoville News: Live Coverage of the Xbox Reveal Tomorrow

Just a note: we’ll be covering the Xbox event tomorrow, May 21 starting at 10a Pacific/1p Eastern/1700UTC. Join Brian Brushwood, the gamer priest, Fr. Robert Ballecer, and me on live.twit.tv. See you then!

LOL: The Life of Leo

Latest Blog Post: By The Numbers

When I first started to do live streaming of our show production, I was worried about streaming capacity. I did some research and found that the record for a live streaming audience had been set in 2005 by AOL’s stream of Live 8: 175,000 peak viewers and a stream of 56Gbps. That was the upper [...]