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Jeans & Technology, Levi’s introduces mobile phone

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Levi’s new phone
Levi’s is crossing a barrier that has never before been breeched. They are creating an all-new meaning to the words “fashion technology”. Keeping up with the youthfulness of their main consumers, the Levi’s brand has decided to introduce a fashionable, steel mobile phone.

The Levi’s phone embraces current technology; the user can connect to others, play music, and exchange pictures and videos.

Even the phone is in high fashion; the design is compact in a sturdy riveted steel casing. It is offered in metallic silver, black and brown copper. Stylish feminine “shiny silver” and “shiny sand” editiopns, featuring a “mirror” screen have also been created for the fashion forward.

It will be in select stores all throughout Europe in September.

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