Play Maze Game

Maze Game

The Maze Game! To start the game, simply click on the red ball and use your mouse pointer to guide it through the maze. Dont get frustrated! It is somewhat difficult, but after a few tries it only gets easier. Try to beat the best time (Without cheating ;P) and become the maze master. Also, enjoy the catchy tune that plays along! Play

Extra Hard Maze Game

Maze Game 2

Back for more in this sequel Maze Game 2. If you thought the first was really hard then your in for a treat with Maze Game 2. You have to be slow and steady to put your red dot cursor through this Maze. If you have completed the first you might be ready for this challenge. Play

Mad Maze Game Three

Maze Game 3

It’s back, the famous Maze Game series continues years later after the last maze games with a new third game for the series. Maze Game 3 offers you the same tricky spinny, twisty mazes to navigate around but this time we’ve made it a little easier for you and added some checkpoints and a switch. Play

Frustrabit Game

Frustra Bit

Guide your mouse through each level. Collect the orbs and reach the exit flag whilst avoiding the walls and enemies. There are tricky switches you must find in order to open special doors, once open you have to avoid the enemies and find yuour way to the exit. Some of the levels require speed, others require skill and patience. This is a brand new fun Maze game from Anegmetex so have fun! Play

Killer Maze Game

Killer Maze

Killer Maze is a game were you are in a dangerous place and you have to arrive to safe zone. Obstacles have been organized in place to kill you. Killer maze is a hard game to to finish all levels, so we have warned you before you star to bash your keyboard! Play

Word Maze Game

Word Maze

This Word Maze game is a little different than the usual maze games. In this game you need to try and find the letters of the word in the maze in the correct order. As you progress with more letters its starts to get tricky. Fun Word Maze game for all ages. Click to Play

Security 2 Flash Game

Security 2

Security 2 is back for more in this fun top down escape game. Your mission is to get past all the security cameras, guards, traps, detectors etc to find doors to eventually escape to your freedom! User Arrow keys to control the character and guide him around the rooms. Watch out for the traps and lasers they are tricky to navigate. Some rooms require switches to be activated. Play


Rat Maze 2

The Rat Maze is back, and he’s once again hungry for some more cheese. Only this time yo have a much larger maze. Not to mention you have to teleport, knock balls into holes to open doors. There are powerups and more. Hurry up and find all the cheese. Play Rat Maze 2 Play

Click Red Dot around Maze

Click Maze 2 Game

This Game is the same as Click Maze except the cursor is not affected by the black walls or objects. As you click the red ball will follow to the new location. Like our other games this is tricky to play. You earn points by moving faster. It’s all in the clicks so play Click Maze 2 Play

Maze Game in the Dark

Maze Game Two

This Maze Game Two is more tricky as you have only a small lit area to see. So as you move our cursor through the maze you need to be careful not to hit any walls. It is very dark and as you progress deeper into the game it gets darker. You have 3 lives, use them wisely! Play

Freaky Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Game

People keep telling me this Maze game is scary, so I had to play it to see what all the fuss was about. But as soon as I did, wow. As you progress through the maze levels you it gets scary. Your in for a scare with this one! Beware of the Scary Maze

Play Tilt on


Tilt the game board by moving the mouse. Your task in this fun online maze game is to get the ball into the blue circles. Yellow fields, dampen the balls velocity. Negative gravitation fields, positive gravitation fields, attract ball. Black holes remove balls from the game. Play

Maze Game and Maze Game 2 are fairly simple to understand maze games. The object is to direct a small red ball through a maze using your cursor. Simple does not mean easy however. If you happen to bump into any walls or moving objects you start back at the beginning of the maze. You do get a few tries but these games can be somewhat difficult unless you have a steady hand. Maze Game Two adds a new twist to the concept as you have limited visibility while working your way through the mazes.

Click Maze and Click Maze 2 are pretty unique in the world of maze games. The mazes themselves are not particularly difficult. These games use a golf style scoring system where the number of clicks you use to move through the maze is key to having a high score. The object is to move through the maze, dodging walls and moving objects using as few clicks as possible. is also home to the best ever Scary Maze! Not for the faint of heart, anyone with a heart condition, or small children, this game is scary. It features deceptively simple mazes. Don't let the simplicity fool you however, this maze game will give you a scare you will never see coming!

Tilt is a completely different and interesting type of maze game. In this game the object is once again to move through a maze, however it isn't as easy as it may seem, in this game you move the maze board, not the balls themselves. Gravitational pulls, black holes and yellow fields which change velocity of the balls can either work with or against you as you navigate your ball through these mazes. This game is sure to offer a unique challenge to anyone who enjoys mazes.

Whether you are an avid fan of maze games, or just looking to amuse yourself for a few moment is sure to have a maze that you can enjoy. This is truly the most unique site for maze games online!