World’s Smallest Phone Launches in UK


The “World’s Smallest’ claim comes with some qualification. It is in fact the “World’s smallest GSM phone featuring an MP3 player”, but it’s still pretty tiny.

The Haier Elegance measures 9.1 x 3.5 x 1.8cm (3.6 inches long) and manages to pack a lot of gizmos into its diminutive case. MP3 player (128MB, expandable by 1GB via Micro SD), FM tuner, Stereo Bluetooth, OLED display and Tri-Band GSM. You get three hours of talktime, but a pretty decent 11 hours MP3 playback.

At £165 ($330) unlocked it’s not cheap, but if it ever comes to the states it will probably only cost $165. That’s the sad pricing reality for the British. UK tech site T3 has a hands on video, which you can se after the break.

Product page [Unlocked Mobiles]