You know, we'd accuse Philips of copying someone on this new player design, if it weren't for the fact that just about every DAP manufacturer has a flash player that looks pretty much exactly like this. The new SA3100 sports 1GB or 2GB of flash memory, 1.8-inches of glorious 160 x 128 LCD and the codec barebones like MP3 and DRM-free WMA. There's also yawn-worthy SMV video playback and JPEG viewing, and battery life is equally unexciting, with 10 hours for audio and 2 hours for video. At least you won't get much pocket bulge with the 9mm thickness, and the design is fairly slick. You can pick one up in white or black, at 70€ ($95 US) for 1GB and 100€ ($136) for 2GB.