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Nike+ iSkin T-shirt too good to run in

nike%20tshirt.jpg Here is the perfect T-shirt for me to wear when I go running. That’s because I almost never go running, and if I do, I’m almost guaranteed not to break into a sweat. If you do actual proper running on a regular basis, then even though this iPod-holding T-shirt, the Nike+, has zoned body ventilation, is seamless to reduce friction, moves moisture from the skin to the surface of the garment and has elastane fibres in the fabric to allow mobility, it’s really far to expensive to wear for any activity where you get sweaty and gross on a regular basis.

While I’m sure it’s admirable that it protects the iPod nano from water, provides cord management, and a "no-look" interface for easy control of your iPod nano, if I’m going to spend £57.99 on a T-shirt, I’m certainly not going to wear it for my ‘daily’ jog. More likely I’d wear it on the sweaty tube in summer on the way to a posh City meeting where I need to look composed. Or to pose on the beach, perhaps. You’re allowed to look sweaty and horrible when you’re running, so why spend all that money looking normal?

Product Page, £57.99

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