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Memorex MMP8640 plays MP3s in color

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Memorex MMP8640 plays MP3s in colorAnyone coming across the Memorex MMP8640 will start to love the color scheme of the device. As the competition has gotten fierce in the digital audio player (DAP) market, Memorex was forced to drop their monochrome display. Memorex has now ventured into color.

The new MMP8640 from Memorex features 1.8-inch QCIF screen display and 4 GB capacity that plays MPEG4, MP3, WMA-DRM protected files and displays JPEGs. On top of that, Memorex also incorporated the FM tuner, it comes with 100 preloaded songs, and has a battery life of about 20 hours. If you think 4GB is not enough for you, don’t worry as MMP8640 also equipped with a mini-SD slot for a few gig upgrade. No details on pricing yet.

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  1. I bought the 4G Memorex MMP8640. At first i was excited because of the 4gigs of space and its size. But it soon went all downhill.

    1) When i would download either a video or record my voice, a funky error would come up in the playlist and if you accidentally selected it to play, the player would freeze up. I couldnt delete the error to save my life. I had to do an entire system wipe which erased ALL OF MY MUSIC. I did that 3 times.
    2) If you breathed on this player wrong it would freeze up. In all seriousness i had to press the reset button on this player at least 8 times in the 2 weeks that i owned it.
    3) The buttons feel loose and the control panel looks crooked. I realized it looks crooked because the factory design was painted on crooked. Very tacky.
    4) The kicker!! At exactly 2 weeks the HOLD button on top of the player got stuck in the hold position. The plastic external switch came loose from the internal switch and i was no longer able to power the player on. Thank goodness for purchase returns.

    This player has a couple of good features. I like being able to change the color, change the panorama, its f/w functionality, and the price. This Mp3 player will sell fast because of the price. I mean 4gigs for 119.99……. do the math. In fact I havent seen it stocked on Targets shelves for about 2 months because its selling out quick. So kudos to Memorex. I have to say though, unless i bought the one MP3 player that fell into the .001% product failure allowance, you should invest in another player. I know this was long but hey……im passionate about electronics.


    zeroblast X
  2. Buddy u r an stomache hands , mine works soo fine , easy and smooth.

    U need a WarMp3 player , hope USA army work on that .

    my 2 cents.

    Raul Garza

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