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iizel announces waterproof and dust proof LCD’s, yes we said waterproof

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iizel waterproof lcdiizel has announced a new line of LCD TV’s that range in size from 26″ to 55″. These LCD’s are dust proof as well as waterproof, with the ability to work under 1 meter of water. The dust proof sounds nice but I am not sure why I would need a TV to work under water, except maybe for a unique store display. Price ranges from $2300 for the 26″ up to $11,020 for the 55″ both are available in either black or champagne color. They are IP56 certified, HD/Full-HD, have a fan-less cooling system and HDMI, VGA, Composite Video as well as S-Video connections.

The LCD’s are currently available and also coming in July 2007 they will start selling a new 71″ plasma HDTV. No word on pricing for the 71″ plasma. These seem to be some specialty, high end type products but they have some cool stuff making a trip to the website worth while.

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