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You’ve got beer.

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BuyYourFriendADrink dot com
A member of my college rowing team just finished his first duathlon. As fierce competitors in school, I wanted to congratulate him on getting back into competing. But he lives in North Carolina and me in Connecticut. So what to do?

Flowers, chocolates, a card, just seem to frilly. solves my quandary with the ability to buy my bud a beer from across the country. I enter in some info, my friend gets a text message (and/or email) with a pass code. My friend takes it to a bar in their network and whammo, drinks are on me.

The site charges a $.99 service fee which sounds fair. My friend can visit the site to locate a participating bar and if none in the area, simply request a paypal refund. Nice and easy. The site also asks you to confirm your friend is over 21. The site is well designed and everything seems quite logical though still in beta. Hopefully it will branch out of the NY/NJ area soon.

Now how to figure out how to get the cell phone number of the girl at the end of the bar and impress her with my tech-ability buy buying her a drink online…

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  1. is a website that allows a user to send someone a beer anywhere in the country! Plus the FREEBEER link is a must for anyone with a myspace page!!!


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