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Ricoh's entry-level 7.16 megapixel Caplio RR730

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ricoh_rr730.jpgBudding photographers should take a look at Ricoh's Capilo RR730, a 7.16 megapixel cmera being marketed as an entry-level digital camera.

The RR730 is practically doll-sized, but comes loaded with all the features a beginner could hope for, making it the ideal Christmas present for those Brownie camera users of your acquiantance who've been very nice this year.

In terms of features, the RR730 comes loaded with a 2.5-inch TFT LCD screen, 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom (or a combined 12x zoom), a movie mode, six scene modes, and 32MB of internal storage which can be upgraded with an SD card. The camera weighs in at a mere 120g, or just slightly more than three packets of crisps.

Power comes from two included (yay!) AA batteries, plus a USB cable, a strap, and a handy pouch. How much, you ask? The Capilo RR730 can be yours for £129.99.

Ricoh website

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  • Sarah


    was wanting to buy a camera around this price £100-£150, i'd like some help! I'd like a decent zoom, good storage and about at least 6 pixels so this one looks good. Are there others in this price range you can recommend? Are the Xmas deals good or is it best to wait til afters?

    X thanks Sarah

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