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Keyspan has new iPod remote

Sections: Accessories, Apple, Audio, Home Audio, Portable Audio

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Keyspan TuneView RemoteKeyspan announced today a new sexy black remote replacing the one introduced just last December. The older model was gray and clearly outdated.

TuneView allows iPod owners to wirelessly manage their music anywhere in the house. The remote works through walls and up to 100 feet away, perfect for fun in the backyard. The TuneView dock allows syncing, charging, output to stereo, TV, or what have you…

“However, many customers have said that they would favor a different look for the remote.” relented Keyspan president, Mike Ridenhour.

The new remote will ship starting in May. The people have spoken and Keyspan is obviously listening. Admittedly, I prefer the black as well; a nice upgrade to a useful gadget…

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