'Extreme' sports like snowboarding, mountain biking, and full contact shuffleboard are all about taking it to the max, but how do you know whose 'max' is the, um, maximum max unless there are a clearly delineated set of criteria and properly-calibrated tools to measure them with? Enter the HangTimer, a souped-up stopwatch with built in tri-axis accelerometer that calculates how much 'air' you've gotten off a jump, and provides several tracking tools to gauge your own progress and/or pwnage of your friends. Users simply clip the small device to themselves with the built in carabineer (extra security is possible using zip ties), adjust the sensitivity settings based on activity, hopefully say a prayer, and then hurtle down whatever snow or rock covered hill they're poised to lift off from. So far the $100 HangTimer has recorded an impressive 3.02 second snowboard jump during testing, according to company VP Ted Griebling -- a mark that will certainly fall once we take one of these on our next skydiving adventure.

[Via Gizmag]