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DoMyStuff Is Lazyman’s Best Friend

logo.gif By David Ponce

Paying people to do your chores just got a Web 2.0 kick, and we think it’s great. Believe us: we have waited for a service like this for a long time now. DoMyStuff is a simple eBay-like service where people post chores they don’t want to do themselves, and wouldn’t mind paying to see them done instead. Whether is cleaning out your gutters, buffing your car or being a good father to your children, you can post it up. People then bid down on your task, until you select someone to do the work. You then place your money in escrow with the company, until the task is accomplished and your new slave assistant gets paid. It’s possible to limit bidding by location, and, well, that’s it. If the service can gain traction, and the company can manage to keep the creeps and idiots away (“Kill my wife” “Torch the neighbor’s house”, etc.), it just might become indispensable. At least for fetching us coffee and donuts and such.

[ DoMyStuff ]

  • nomadicalloy

    lazy man’s best friend, I need one of those.

  • Chelsea Angler

    This site is not what’s it’s cracked up to be. Sure they say they have a rating system, but there’s not many people so they don’t have many ratings. I went with someone but didn’t get any response after I tried to make contact. It was actually more a waste of my time using this site. I don’t feel really safe either – how can you know if the person is a cirminal or not??