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Cook your Christmas dinner in one hour with SolarDOM

LGSolarDOM%20MP-9485SW%28White%29-small.jpgLG has released two new speed ovens, the SolarDOM MP9483SL and MP9485S, which are space - as well as time - saving.

These clever little ovens use radiant heat and halogen light to cook food quickly. They also have an internal fan to circulate hot air straight to the food and a round cavity design to reflect heat more evenly.

The high heat from the halogen lights means the outside and inside of your food is cooked together, so even your turkey will remain moist and tender.

Food is cooked up to three or four times faster (depending on the model) than in a conventional oven, making them more energy efficient, as well as saving you valuable time.

Only one question remains - what will you do with all that extra time on Christmas day? Another glass of sherry anyone?

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