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Blinkx Remote: watch any TV show you want online

blinkx-remote.jpgWell, almost any. Blinkx Remote is a new service that helps you find full-length TV shows online. You can search by series and episode to watch shows including Doctor Who, 24, South Park and, er, Dora The Explorer. Check Techscape for the full story.

Elsewhere in the Web 2.0 world, new figures show that just 0.16% of YouTube visitors actually upload videos, although it doesn't seem to be stemming the flow of new content exactly. There's a similar stat for photo-sharing site Flickr too.

Meanwhile, a new social bookmarking service called Tagseasy is like but for business types, while belongings-tracking site MyThings is letting US consumers build an online list of their possessions.

(via Techscape)

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