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Bernina Artista 730E sewing machine with Windows


Combine Home Economics with Computer class through the Bernina Artista 730E sewing machine with Windows. This sewing machine quilts, embroiders and does conventional sewing, sporting 850 stitches, 6 alphabet styles, monograms in 3 sizes, 10 buttonholes, 31 quilting stitches and hundreds of decorative stitches which you navigate through via the Windows interface, begging the question of what role exactly you play in all this, aside from a) paying for it and b) asking it for fashion tips. You can even design embroidery patterns via the Artlink software and upload them to your sewing machine, which is both incredibly cool and slightly creepy. Contains USB hookup to your home PC. [GT]

Bernina Artista 730E sewing machine with Windows [via UberGizmo]

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