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Beer Calculator

Gearing up for your next kegger, birthday party, or wedding reception? The beer calculator will help you figure out just how many kegs, kegerators, cases of beer, and accessories you'll need to keep the good times flowing. No more buying too much beer or, even worse, not enough!

Just enter the number of drinkers at your party in the calculator below, along with the level of drunkenness your party--goers will achieve, and let the tool do the rest.

In seconds you'll know just how much beer, ice, and cups you'll need to keep your party going!

Beer Calculator
  • STEP 1
    How many people will be drinking?     Continue
  • STEP 2

    How many drinkers will be...

    Tipsy (1 or 2 beers)
    Buzzed (3-5 beers)
    Drunk (6-9 beers)
    Hammered (10+)
    0 0%
    0 0%
    0 0%
    0 0%
    100 100%
  • STEP 3

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