• Mon, Mar 12 2007

WaveBox Portable Microwave

Buyer Beware…read the comments before purchasing!

If you really can’t leave the conveniences of home at home, then you might like the WaveBox Portable Microwave… for your car, RV, or campsite.

Compact, rugged and easy to tote, the WaveBox brings cooking power where you want it most. An advanced electronic design allows it to be powered in AC, DC directly to any vehicle battery, or DC thru a cigarette lighter outlet — all without the use of a separate inverter.

Reportedly the smallest microwave in the world – lighter and smaller. Even comes in a variety of color options.

View WaveBox in action in this video clip:

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  • Homan Huang

    Cool Box! But price is adjusted quite hight right now:$199. If half of $, I will think about it.

  • jenn

    Price is too high!

  • http://wavebox Sandy

    Great Idea but very expensive and hard to get hold of one right now, would buy one and even promote it if could find one to buy. Hope they go down in price.

  • sfeekes

    This DOES NOT work plugged into a cigarette lighter. Everything I saw indicated that this would work plugged into my cigarette lighter. It’s not till you buy it that you find out that it must have a 20 amp system to work on, which no vehicle has. Any vehicle I know of has a 15 amp system and this will blow out the fuse faster than you can say, This sucks!

    Calling customer service is no help at all. They don’t know anything about the product. They will tell you that they’ll take your name and have someone give you a call within 24-48 hrs but no one ever does even after trying 4 times. I would like to give this product -3 stars for false advertising.

  • Cyndi

    Thank you very much for your input, sfeekes. I’m so sorry that you’ve been misled like this…I’m going to add a “buyer beware” to the top of this post :-(

  • vikingtrucker

    Sorry, but you are mistaken about no vehicle having a 20 volt system. Large commercial trucks and large RV’s do. This product is geared to the people who spend most of thier time on the road…..truck drivers and retired persons. You can usually find one or two in stock at your local Pilot, Petro, TA, or Flying J travel center.

  • Cyndi

    Thank you for the clarification, VikingTrucker!

  • Subbu

    A lot of the newer SUV/Mini-Vans, RVs, Commercial vehicles all have 20Amp outputs. This sure won’t work with a small car :-( . But it all boils down to the power requirement, the smallest microwave needs close to 600W of power, and our vehicles power outlets are not designed to supply that kind of power. It’s not the fault of the designers, just the way things are. I appreciate the fact that the designers took into consideration that a 12V outlet can’t supply 600W and actually designed the system to pull in just 240W of power when plugged into the vehicle. But if you need “full power” then connect directly to the vehicle battery (just make sure you still have enough juice to start the vehicle). This is really perfect for campers like me, I use a minivan, carry a battery power pack for my lighting needs, and inflating the mattresses, and this would really work for me. I am just waiting for the price to come down.

  • Cyndi

    Thank you for your input, Subbu :-)