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Henry air purifier looks sleek

The Henry air purifier that you see really takes a different approach when it comes to aesthetics, and Swizz Style definitely made an air purifier that would not look out of place no matter what the rest of your home looks like. It is capable of getting rid pollutants such as dust, pollen, soot, spores, smells, and even certain germs from the air, thanks to a five-stage filter which consists of a carbon/HEPA filter, a plasma generator, a Titanium Dioxide and UV light, a negative Ion generator and a fragrance holder. Standing slightly over 50″ tall, the Henry comes with an automatic shut off in order to conserve power when not in use. The best part is, it works very quietly in the background that you won’t even notice its there at all. Choose from white or black metallic models. Pricing details are unavailable.

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