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Vinturi aerates your wine for you

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Wine that's had a chance to breathe properly tastes better; so saith Vinturi and so saith me, and I've drunk enough wine to know. Oxygenation pulls off all the cruddy, bitter, bad-acid bits of the wine and lets the fruity, subtle bits bounce around freely and happily. The Vinturi Wine Aerator is a gadget you pour your wine through which ensures a quick and easy oxygenation of your tipple resulting in a smoother taste and better finish. You pop the cork, balance the Vinturi over the glass, pour the wine through the Vinturi into the glass, and drink. Simple comme bonjour, as they say in vino country. $39.95 USD. [GT]

Vinturi Wine Aerator [via Spungle]

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  • I like the idea of using some type of element to present your wines. If your ever interested in a wine aerator checkout our site at:

    deSign Wine Aerator is a practical alternative to the traditional method of decanting wine, it allows the taste to be enhanced immediately before the wine is to be enjoyed. It also allows you the flexibility to aerate an entire bottle or simply one glass.

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