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Sony’s two new camera phones, K200 and K220

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Sony Ericsson K200
Sony Ericsson announced two new ‘candy bar’ camera phones today at a reasonable price: the K200 and K220.

The K200 VGA camera and photo album are immediately accessible with just one click on the dedicated button. Given that the K200 has a slideshow view and will store up to 40 images, it’s easy for users to view their pictures in full screen and share them with friends. To keep things hassle-free, the central navigation key is set-up to give one-click access to key features such as the phone book (which stores up to 300 contacts) and messaging menu. Available from Q2 2007 in selected markets in either Metallic Black or Light Champagne, the K200 allows you to always have your favorite pictures in your pocket.

As with the K200, the K220 is an easy-to-use camera phone with a single icon display, but with the advantage of an integrated FM radio with RDS. The K220 can store up to 10 pre-set stations and will even provide a wake-up call from a favorite station set on the Radio Alarm Clock. The K220 comes in two finishes – Frost White or Ocean Blue. The K220 will be available in selected from Q2 2007.

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