You'd think that Apple's, um, loving oversight of its trademarks and trademark applications would scare potential DAP manufacturers away from using any combination of the letters p, o, and d in their product name, so we assume that Calgary-based Peapod Toys hasn't been following the American legal scene all that closely. In any event, the small company has just announced its self-titled, baby-targeted MP3 player at the International Toy Fair, which allows the one-and-under crowd to rock out to up to two hours of their favorite Raffi tunes. But infants and electronics go together like elephants and antique shops, you say? Not to worry: the Peapod is wrapped in a soft rubber shell that promises to protect it from mushed carrots, multiple collisions with the wall, and even the occasional teething session. It also sports a built in speaker (babies + headphone wires = potential disaster), a claimed 40 hours of battery life from a single AA, and support for select educational content available on the Peapod website. No word so far on price or release, but we'll go out on a limb and assume that we're looking at "cheap" and "soon," respectively.

[Via Gadget Lab]