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LaserShield Decides Renters Need Home Security, Too

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MAU%26WDU2.jpgHaving an answering machine was hi-tech when I went to uni in the late 1980s. Now the kids' dorm rooms are chock-a-block with desktop computers, laptops, MP3 players, DVD players, high end tellys, microphones, webcams, mobile phones, PDAs, wireless routers, surround sound speakers, and tons of other wizardry crammed into their own personal Ikea-ville.

LaserShield has decided it's high time students, renters, and small business owners had an affordable security option, and has designed one using motion sensors. A 105-decibel siren alarm is triggered when the motion sensor is tripped. LaserShield picks up the alarm and phones your designated emergency person (neighbor, roommate, police, etc.). If they can’t reach you, they call the coppers or other emergency service and continue to try to reach you.

Since, realistically, many renters and even fewer students bother with insurance, a low end home security system might appeal. LaserShield also has a panic button in case you want to have a Jodie Foster moment sans panic room.

$199.99 for starter kit + $25 activation fee + $19.99 monthly monitoring fee from LaserShield

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