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Awwwwww. iFlops Cuddly Speakers

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Following the cuddly toy theme for the day, here are some undeniably appealing cuddly toy speakers, compatible with iPod, MP3, MP4 and CD players. Could it be that their soft, padded cuddliness is less than conducive to perfect sound emission? Could perhaps the traditional black box speakers provide better sound? Possibly. But if cuteness is your priority in speakers, these are the cutest ones I’ve seen recently.

Also useful if you’re a teenager who’s had his or her speakers confiscated due to high-volume over-use. These would camouflage so well on your old teddy shelf that mum would never be able to identify them.

Product Page, £16.99
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  • Dawn

    We got 2 IFlops as gifts. They are the cutest stuffed animal, BUT the connection is not secure to the mp3 player, so the music simply won't play. Now,my 2 daughters will have to say goodbye to their stuffy when I try to return it tommorrow. Don't even bring this into your home!!!

  • Maggie

    Iflops are horrible ( at least the one I got ). As soon as I got home and put my ipod on it, it stopped like not even halfway through the song.

  • Em

    on your ipod.....

  • Patty

    HOw do you raise the volume on these iflops?

  • Patty

    HOw do you raise the volume on these iflops?

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